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LEVY & McCLELLAN is the creation of Robert Levy and Martha
McClellan, husband and wife team, who, in 1999, after years of practicing
the skills of their shared passion for winemaking at other well known
estates, united their individual experiences to an independent endeavor of
their own. –
Robert Levy, the founding winemaker and Director of Winegrowing for
HARLAN ESTATE, Napa Valley California, has been there since its
inception, more than 33 years ago. His scope of responsibilites also
VALLEY RESERVE, where he oversees the production of wines from
some of the finest vineyard sites in Napa Valley.
Martha McClellan also worked making the wines at Harlan Estate from
1995 through 2000. In 2001, she took over the winemaking and vineyard
direction at SLOAN ESTATE, an esteemed Napa Valley winery and
vineyards located in the hills of Rutherford, where she continues to make
the wines today. In 2006, she added CHECKERBOARD VINEYARDS to
her portfolio and began making the wine for this hillside estate property.
First planted in 1999 to Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Petite Verdot,
the premier launch celebrated the 2007 vintage. In addition, more
recently she has added Vineyard 7&8 and Hamel Family Winery to the
estates where she now makes the wines.
The philosophy for LEVY & McCLELLAN is based on the same
exacting standards and unyielding dedication that marks all of the wines
they make. The grapes come from their family owned vineyard nestled in
the western foothills of Napa Valley. Presently in its eighteenth growing
season, the meticulous detail employed in taking things one step beyond in
such matters concerning the selection of the site, the planting and the
viticultural care, gives testament to their commitment as stewards of the
land and to capturing and expressing to the fullest, the character and
essence of this unique and diverse vineyard.

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